2014 The Morgan Adams Concours D...

The 2014 Morgan Adams Concours  d'Elegance  is in the books. The stars aligned perfectly,  the weather, the food, the community along with the aerial ...

2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championshi...

Some fun shots from the opening match between USA and Canada , Thursday night 7/10/14. Team Canada mounted an early offensive attack,  with a 3-0 fir...

2014 – Colorado Concourse d&#...

A graet day at the Colorado Concours d'Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show  Photos here Photos here C  2014 John Flickinger...

Team Armour 9U (12) Warriors (8) ...

2014 USSSA Colorado Super NIT Champions / Team Armour 9U -  More photos here   More photos here. C 2014 John Flickinger...

2014 The Morgan Adams Concours D’Elegance

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The 2014 Morgan Adams Concours  d’Elegance  is in the books. The stars aligned perfectly,  the weather, the food, the community along with the aerial acrobatic demonstration, the awe-inspiring collection of vintage motorcycles, autos, and airplanes on display and at the end of the day, it’s all about the children and the  uninhibited philanthropic  generosity that poured out was remarkable. The children thank you.

More Photos Here

John Flickinger WOW Photography  

Morgan AdamsFoundation


MA_140823_201308_6881 MA_140823_193237_6837 MA_140823_204425_6931 MA_140823_205657_6952 MA_140823_191704_6800 MA_140823_182202_6041     MA_140823_180657_6591 MA_140823_173959_6546 MA_140823_192740_6831 MA_140823_214705_7031 MA_140823_181921_6619 MA_140823_181936_6025

2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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Some fun shots from the opening match between USA and Canada , Thursday night 7/10/14.

Team Canada mounted an early offensive attack,  with a 3-0 first quarter, USA answered the call and  secured the w with a 10-7 victory over Canada. Philly Lacrosse Article

More photos here


Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil

WCLAX_140710_192954_3502 WCLAX_140710_193420_3519 WCLAX_140710_193640_3551 WCLAX_140710_194208_3687 WCLAX_140710_194453_3770

Marcus Holman

Marcus Holman


Rob Pannell

Rob Pannell

Max Seibold

Max Seibold

WCLAX_140710_201603_6637 WCLAX_140710_203030_6979

Mathew Abbott

Mathew Abbott


2014 – Colorado Concourse d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show

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A graet day at the Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show  Photos here

Concours_140608_100053_6227 Concours_140608_103930_6250 Concours_140608_105835_6270 Concours_140608_110122_6276 Concours_140608_110813_6280 Concours_140608_112220_6300 Concours_140608_120403_6372 Concours_140608_122622_6413 Concours_140608_123043_6419 Concours_140608_123250_6423 Concours_140608_113317_6318 Concours_140608_113405_6321

Photos here

C  2014 John Flickinger

Team Armour 9U (12) Warriors (8) – USSSA Baseball

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2014 USSSA Colorado Super NIT Champions / Team Armour 9U –  More photos here





More photos here.

C 2014 John Flickinger

Team Armour 9U (23) Over Drillers (3) – USSSA Baseball

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One Step closer to Disney World. Team Armour 9U takes Drillers 23 to 3 – More photos here.

ArmourBaseBall_140531_134144_5136ArmourBaseBall_140531_130826_4947 ArmourBaseBall_140531_131517_5005 ArmourBaseBall_140531_132442_5046 ArmourBaseBall_140531_132552_5055 ArmourBaseBall_140531_133051_5091 ArmourBaseBall_140531_141100_5425 ArmourBaseBall_140531_134204_5138 ArmourBaseBall_140531_135730_5210 ArmourBaseBall_140531_141020_5367ArmourBaseBall_140531_130631_4935 ArmourBaseBall_140531_135948_5246 ArmourBaseBall_140531_140158_5278 ArmourBaseBall_140531_140231_5284

More photos here.

2014 Horsetooh Half Marathon

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The 20014 HTH went off with out a hitch. Photos here

HTH_140413_054606_5035 HTH_140413_054813_5041 HTH_140413_055639_5059 HTH_140413_064811_5139 HTH_140413_081411_5207 HTH_140413_081732_5255 HTH_140413_082153_5410 HTH_140413_082516_5559 HTH_140413_084926_7108 HTH_140413_090354_8004 HTH_140413_092348_8381 HTH_140413_101611_8420 HTH_140413_101630_8431 HTH_140413_101854_8454 HTH_140413_103603_8610 HTH_140413_104114_8635 HTH_140413_104537_8649

Photos here
C 2014 John Flickinger / WOW Photography

2014 Valentine’s Day 5K Wash Park

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 Valentine’s Day 5K  Wash Park 2014 !!!!

Three word describe the enthusiastic  group of runners,  race-walkers…

Fast Fast Fast !!!

The cool temps, overcast sky’s and generally a course clear of last weeks snow gave the green light

to dig in and go for it.

See you at the Dam Run Sunday March 2 !!


Valentine’s Day Pictures



VD140209_095514_1365 VD140209_095831_1405

VD140209_095630_1378  VD140209_095036_1348

VD140209_095838_1415 VD140209_100130_1476

VD140209_094508_1213 VD140209_094521_1231

VD140209_101211_1616 VD140209_101314_1654

VD140209_101327_1679 VD140209_101350_1732

VD140209_102300_2053 VD140209_110547_6158

VD140209_105914_3206 VD140209_110251_6143

Valentine’s Day Pictures Here


2014 Superbowl 5K

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WOW !!! What a wonderful beautiful Colorado Sunday morning.  Beautiful blue sky, a manageable blanket of 3-5 inches of the white stuff here in Denver, and gobbs more where it counts in the mountains.

The morning was crisp, the course was fast and slick, and the air was full of orange and blue for the 2014 annual Superbowl 5K in Wash Park.

It was a great run as you can see below, I’m fairly sure the afternoon was a bit different.  I guess next year will be the year of the Bronco.

You may purchase photos here for lasting enjoyment.

See you around !!



superbowl5k140202_093144_9613  superbowl5k140202_095622_9793

superbowl5k140202_100132_9841  superbowl5k140202_095400_9771

superbowl5k140202_101434_0058 superbowl5k140202_101433_0054superbowl5k140202_101433_0054superbowl5k140202_101422_0041

superbowl5k140202_102129_0140 superbowl5k140202_102116_0131

superbowl5k140202_101414_0028 superbowl5k140202_101348_0018superbowl5k140202_101335_0005superbowl5k140202_101329_9993

superbowl5k140202_094744_9670 superbowl5k140202_103649_0559

superbowl5k140202_094913_9705 superbowl5k140202_094915_9708

superbowl5k140202_110619_1036 superbowl5k140202_104307_0715

superbowl5k140202_105943_0975 superbowl5k140202_110039_0983

2014 Superbowl ( Wash Park) here













2013 Jingle Bell Run/ Walk – Denver

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The 2013 Jingle Bell Run pictures are posted.  Link to photos:

JB3_131208_105257_7616JB3_131208_105430_7625 JB3_131208_105710_7658 JB3_131208_110515_7751 JB3_131208_111003_7794 JB3_131208_111323_7882 JB3_131208_110248_7722 JB3_131208_122756_8943JB3_131208_122801_8945JB3_131208_111532_8011 JB3_131208_112308_8026 JB3_131208_112956_8043 JB3_131208_113147_8078 JB3_131208_113200_8093 JB3_131208_113231_8113 JB3_131208_113243_8128 JB3_131208_113454_8190 JB3_131208_115316_8529 JB3_131208_115329_8541 JB3_131208_115404_8556JB3_131208_120602_8753 JB3_131208_115942_8706JB3_131208_125405_9016JB3_131208_114517_8389





Link to photos:


Davita 9K Sprint Challenge

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Hello Runners !!!

The inaugural Davita 9 K was underway right on schedule last Sunday , 9/25/13 amidst a hubbub of activity as the USA PRO Challenge  was putting the finishing touches on the  Stage 7 Start/Finish.

The cool thing about this event 1)  Its most likely the only 9K going, and 2) It uses the same course as the USA Pro Challenge  cyclists will be using in about three hours.

The conditions were spot on for some quick times for the 125 athletes , and Peter’s team to tare down the course after the event to avoid being bulldozed by the PRO Challenge team cars to follow (I don’t think Peter can run that fast, you would have to  be a Cheetah) .

By hooking the morning run and afternoon PRO Challenge together you automatically get a hall pass to dig into and enjoy some of Denver’s finest dining experiences on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, think about it 🙂

Till next time  Flick-

PS Please check out –   Colorado Runner Magazine

More Photos Here



Christian Dirscherl  1St 29:44

Christian Dirscherl 1St 29:44


Annie Poland  37.03 # 1

Annie Poland 37.03 # 1



Thanks for visiting !

More Photos Here