Tri – Glenwood Springs Triathlon 2012



WOW,  Its crazy, you don’t need to schedule these events, they just seem to pop up. Kim  and I were celebrating our 24 wedding anniversary at the famed Glenwood Springs hotel when we were enjoying an early afternoon tapas treat at the Pullmans bar when the pleasant couple jut two stools down had to turn in because they were going to participate in the Tri-Glenwood Springs Triathlon.  Mr cool responds with, “where’s  the swim take place?” what a blunder that was, In the only pool  in town, seven laps in the hot springs meets the requirement, and only a few yards from our baloney. What was I thinking !!!.

Anyway –  I thought  I was to meet  bib 192 @ 6:30ish and  maybe capture some picks of 192 and her husband.  I staked myself out in the transmission area by the bike rack with the 190′s, bib 192 was a no-show. Well, the morning moved on and I snapped a few picks of participants  coming and going. Great day and a wonderfull weekend !!

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Dinning Recommendations: Pullmans and Fins Grille

Hot Spring:  Avalanche Ranch

Community TV:  GrassRoots TV


Happy Trails

John Flickinger “Flick”
















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