2014 Valentine’s Day 5K Wash Park

 Valentine’s Day 5K  Wash Park 2014 !!!!

Three word describe the enthusiastic  group of runners,  race-walkers…

Fast Fast Fast !!!

The cool temps, overcast sky’s and generally a course clear of last weeks snow gave the green light

to dig in and go for it.

See you at the Dam Run Sunday March 2 !!


Valentine’s Day Pictures



VD140209_095514_1365 VD140209_095831_1405

VD140209_095630_1378  VD140209_095036_1348

VD140209_095838_1415 VD140209_100130_1476

VD140209_094508_1213 VD140209_094521_1231

VD140209_101211_1616 VD140209_101314_1654

VD140209_101327_1679 VD140209_101350_1732

VD140209_102300_2053 VD140209_110547_6158

VD140209_105914_3206 VD140209_110251_6143

Valentine’s Day Pictures Here


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