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2014 Superbowl 5K

WOW !!! What a wonderful beautiful Colorado Sunday morning.  Beautiful blue sky, a manageable blanket of 3-5 inches of the white stuff here in Denver, and gobbs more where it counts in the mountains.

The morning was crisp, the course was fast and slick, and the air was full of orange and blue for the 2014 annual Superbowl 5K in Wash Park.

It was a great run as you can see below, I’m fairly sure the afternoon was a bit different.  I guess next year will be the year of the Bronco.

You may purchase photos here for lasting enjoyment.

See you around !!



superbowl5k140202_093144_9613  superbowl5k140202_095622_9793

superbowl5k140202_100132_9841  superbowl5k140202_095400_9771

superbowl5k140202_101434_0058 superbowl5k140202_101433_0054superbowl5k140202_101433_0054superbowl5k140202_101422_0041

superbowl5k140202_102129_0140 superbowl5k140202_102116_0131

superbowl5k140202_101414_0028 superbowl5k140202_101348_0018superbowl5k140202_101335_0005superbowl5k140202_101329_9993

superbowl5k140202_094744_9670 superbowl5k140202_103649_0559

superbowl5k140202_094913_9705 superbowl5k140202_094915_9708

superbowl5k140202_110619_1036 superbowl5k140202_104307_0715

superbowl5k140202_105943_0975 superbowl5k140202_110039_0983

2014 Superbowl ( Wash Park) here














The 2013 RAGBRAI has come an gone, it was one quick week, the team was great and the weather was cooperative, no mechanical issues and no notable injuries to speak of.  The rout was a tad shorter this year, not a bad idea and as you cab see by the photo selection below relatively tame.

Next year will mark the 30 year milestone for the Me-Off’s ,wow what a ride, thanks for the good times and laughs.     – WP -

More Here

Team Pick 2013

RAGBRAI 2013130720_071216_5335

RAGBRAI 2013130723_122528_6687

RAGBRAI 2013130720_122840_6525

RAGBRAI 2013130720_082711_6402

RAGBRAI 2013130720_082908_6408

RAGBRAI 2013130720_071100_5329

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Run Ugly Fitathon

Howdy from the inaugural Run Ugly Fitathon. To set the seine, a beeeeeeeeautiful  Colorado morning

not a cloud in the sky, and the mountains just as majestic as ever, sporting the postcard like snow caped peaks we all live here for.

I healthy group of contestants gathered at Central Park at Stapelton to kick off, jump-up,push-up, pull-up,  may the best time win, Run Ugly Fitathon.

From the looks of things,  be prepaired for next years challenge.

As always   Photos Here   Results Here

RunUgly_130421_093056_8916 RunUgly_130421_095250_9419

RunUgly_130421_093605_9003  RunUgly_130421_093648_9069

RunUgly_130421_093713_9112 RunUgly_130421_093922_9236


RunUgly_130421_102419_0041 RunUgly_130421_110346_0313

RunUgly_130421_100749_9705 RunUgly_130421_095330_9451

RunUgly_130421_085953_2 RunUgly_130421_090618_8779

RunUgly_130421_091932_8842 RunUgly_130421_092022_8848

RunUgly_130421_093103_8946 RunUgly_130421_093655_9080-2

RunUgly_130421_093857_9212 RunUgly_130421_104936_2

RunUgly_130421_094805_9362 RunUgly_130421_095006_9374

RunUgly_130421_095043_9381 RunUgly_130421_095416_9462

RunUgly_130421_102406_0039  RunUgly_130421_104617_0128

RunUgly_130421_105640_0212 RunUgly_130421_102057_9979


   Photos Here   Results Here




The View From The Street – 2012 Presidential Debate #1 – Denver Colorado


I guess this is the man on the street view of the debate. It’s a little grittier than watching from the comfort of your living room, or even inside the arena. Sort of similar to when Kim, Drew and myself camped out on Colorado Boulevard Pasadena , CA to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. After a long day and night squatting on our turf about 7AM or so, a convoy of motor coaches (busses) came barreling through with a payload of VIP spectators, no doubt with bloody mary in hand.

Till Next Time -


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No Coast Vs. PPDD All Stars No and No Coast Taking Care of Business 164 – 249

Crazy times as the Pikes Peak Derby Dames All Stars hosted the No Coast Derby Girls from Lincoln Nebraska.

Final: All Stars 164  No Coast 249. One hot night at the Colorado Springs Auditorium.

More Pixs at  the WOW Photography  Gallery   Derby  Gallery

No Coast Web


The Bentley !!!

I am the man !!! Just look at me !!!