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Polar Bear 5K

No polar bears today!!!

The pre-start air was crisp and the Denver sky cloud free, visibility unlimited as the participants gathered for the 2013 Polar Bear 5K the second event in the Run Denver series.  Its been a while since the Rudolph Ramble in December, however the pace will quicken (no pun intended) going forward.   A matter a fact the Super Bowl  & Valentine’s Day 5K  are back-to-back :)

Some nice shots today, take a look around, don’t be shy come out and have fun.

Also, lets keep Potts and Creigh in our thoughts and prayers as they focus on their recovery.

Till the Super Bowl 5K – Flick.                       Click here for more photos.

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2012 Rudolph Ramble – City Park – Denver Colorado

We’re Off to the Races !!!!

The 2012 Rudolph Ramble was dedicated in part to Creigh Kelley as the Denver running community wishes him a speedy recovery from the recently diagnosed kidney cancer.

Ladies and Gentleman Boys and Girls !!! Its official – The Run Denver series is off and running for 2012/2013 season. It felt more like spring with temps hovering about 50 degrees at the gun. The young, young-at-heart, and the Canadian’s The Canadian Geese flock that is, all were on hand to kick off the Run Denver series of 5Ks, culminating with the Dam Run on March 3, 2013 with the 1/2 Marathon and 5K combo, sort of a “Happy Family” a little something for everyone.

We have a great community, have a great time, have fun and stay healthy.

Till Next Time – Flick

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 The rest of the pictures are here




























 The rest of the pictures are here