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2012 USA Pro Challenge Stage 5: Breckenridge to Colorado Springs, 117.9 miles


Stage 5, check in from Alma Colorado and the South Park Saloon (SPS).

This morning I had the option, South 285 to Park County or right  470/ 70 and west to Breckenridge, opted for 285 and made my way to Alma on the south side of Hoosier pass, good choice.

Stage 5 blew through town quicker than you could down one or two of South Parks famous bloody marys before noon.

Anyway, these guys were right on schedule with a friendly tailwind knocking at their back doors. Once the dust settled, back to the SPS for a leisurely lunch, and a couple libations and a nice by-chance call from Kari too :)  ( the first call was fine, the second call …)  At the same time, John from was working on a video for Joel.  This is a very busy place at 10,578 feet above sea level.

Thanks Joel for the hospitality, let’s make sure the mini reunion happens before to long, as we know time fly’s. – Thanks Flick.

As always more pictures here at,  Stage 5

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2012 USA Pro Challenge Stage 3

8/22/2012                                                                           USA Pro Challenge Photos
                                                                                                             Stage 3
                                                                     Gunnison  to Aspen, 131 miles   via Cottonwood Pass 12,126

What was I thinking taking the Lammond out after a year in the stable (tool shed)

  • Issue 1: Not prepared with the proper ridding attire
  • Issue 2: 10% grade to start
  • Issue 3: Lugging gear on back

Non of the above is good, you get the picture, actually I got the pictures.

These guys are fast, team cars faster, stay out of the way !!!

Images are sized for basic wide screen 1920x 1080 – John

Stage 3 here

Link to Challenge Site